"Naomi is a very caring person who gives extraordinary treatments in massage and reflexology.  She is an expert in her field." (2019)

"You just know exactly where and what is needed to help me. Thank you!" (2019)

"It was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday at Evergreen Brickworks.  This was an excellent treatment, and I have already referred a client to you without me having a second session with you.  I told her after seeing you one time, my feet did not hurt for over 2 days after the short treatment.  Thanks again, can't wait to book my own appointment.  You will be seeing a lot more of me." (2019)​

"Your approach to how you see and treat the body as a whole made me feel confident and safe with your treatment.  I am looking forward to my next treatment.  Thank you again for such a great session and I trust your intuition." (2019)

"I played my best tennis ever and I feel good! No foot pain and my hand had a great grip on the racket!" (2019)

"My hands no longer feel like claws when I play my violin. Thank you!  I did not realize hand reflexology can help me so much as a professional musician" 

"Reflexology makes me feel like I had a full body treatment.  Maybe better." (2017)

"I feel good." (2018)

"Best massage I have had." (2016)